Freediving In Madeira

What comes to your mind when you think of the word freediving?
Have you ever had to dive underwater to retrieve an object you dropped?
Have you ever felt that sense of peace when you were surrounded by water?

That is what freediving is all about, finding that moment of peace, finding yourself remembering emotions and feelings. Those that lead us to a state of happiness with the simple fact of being surrounded by water.

Freediving is not something new, it is not something that has been around for a short time… If we go back in time, our ancestors were also freediving, with another purpose, hunting for survival. Since a long time ago, humans are capable and have developed techniques to be able to be underwater. Humans, being mammals, and because of our physiology, we have a reflex called the mammalian diving reflex. This reflex helps us to optimize breathing and allows us to stay underwater for long periods of time, just as it helps dolphins and whales for the same purpose. Over time we learn to control and recognize these reflexes and involuntary responses of our body, which helps us to understand and control ourselves better underwater. And yes, that is the idea of freediving… to know our limits, to know our body responses when we are submerged… and at the same time, to bring all this “wisdom” to a state of tranquility and relaxation while we are underwater. 

Do you like the ocean and do you want to explore it without all the gear scuba divers need? Do you want to be more a part of the nature and use your own body to bring you to those places underwater?
Freediving is the right answer!

Why Freediving?

Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Build Self Confidence in Water

Increase Lung Capacity

Adrenaline & Dopamine

Therapeutic for the Joints

Brings You Closer to the Nature

What we offer:

-Discover the Reef Freediving

-Equipement Rental

-Freediving around Madeira (Boat Trip for certified freedivers). 

Note: At the moment we don’t have a freediving Istructor. All activities can be done as long as guests come with a certified buddy!